Latest version

e-STUDIO CUPS and SANE drivers Version 1.1-4
15 August 2008

Before you download and install the drivers, please read the licence agreement

Platforms supported

  • Novell Linux Desktop [NLD] (aka SLED) 9 with SP4
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop [SLED] 10 with SP1
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3WS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4WS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop with Workstation option Version 5, including
    SELinux in targeted mode

Models supported

eā€‘STUDIO166, 167, 206, 207 and 237

CUPS and SANE driver guide

Installation and Operation Guide
06 August 2008

How to install and then use the Wordcraft CUPS printer and SANE scanner drivers.

Assistance and Questions

If you have any questions or problems related to these CUPS printer and SANE scanner drivers please:

  1. Refer to the Installation and Operation Guide.
  2. Check the Support page for an existing solution.
  3. Search or submit a question via the online Forum.
  4. Contact Wordcraft directly.