Wordcraft's MFP drivers

Wordcraft has been developing drivers for MFP since the end of the 1980s when the first fax machines with RS232 interfaces started to emerge. Drivers for fax machines like the Panasonic SystemFAX 250 and fax modem chips like the Rockwell R96MD were incorporated into the Wordcraft word processor to allow documents to be faxed in the same way they were printed.

As the Class 1 and Class 2 standards for fax were developed, our drivers developed accordingly. We worked extensively with fax machine manufacturers to and PC connectivity to their fax machines, not only adding support for PC Fax, but printing and scanning functionality. Additionally, we developed remote setup and diagnostic software for fax machines in conjunction with Deutsche Telecom.

Currently we provide printer drivers and TWAIN data sources for a range of MFPs, connected by USB or over a network connection. Most of our work has been on Windows, but we also have CUPS and SANE drivers for some devices under Linux and Mac OS X.

MFP Drivers

Windows drivers for fax, print and scan

Wordcraft has developed high quality fax drivers for Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems and extended them to drive a number of MFPs that implement these protocols, adding printing and scanning functionality.

Windows image viewer

Wordcraft’s image viewer for Windows is based on the Unimessage Solo product.

Windows device setup

Our device setup and configuration utility allows devices connected either locally or across a network to be configured. This typically involved setting up one-touch dial lists, or reading usage information for audit purposes.

Linux printing and scanning

See this document for more details about our linux printing and scanning drivers.