ocrNow! for the iPhone

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ocrNow! is a secure web based OCR service for converting images to text using the powerful, award winning ABBYY FineReader Engine. Documents are returned in plain text, rich text or PDF formats. The ocrNow! iPhone application allows you to photograph pages with the iPhone’s built in camera; anything from magazine articles to important documents.

The OCR conversion takes just a few minutes and the output (along with the original image) will be emailed to a nominated address and stored on the server for you to view from your iPhone or email to other destinations.
Although some images can appear quite dark when viewed on the iPhone, ocrNow! enhances the contrast to improve the quality of the conversion.

In order to ensure you get the best out of your purchase please follow these handy tips:

  1. Try to line up the edges of what you are photographing with the edges of the photo.
  2. Take the image in good light, if it looks blurry on preview use the Retake button to take the image again.
  3. For the first couple of images select ‘Yes’ for Return image when submitting your images to ocrNow! With this selected you will see your photo just as ocrNow! sees it. If you can’t read the text then ocrNow! will not be able to either.

For more detailed information on how to get the best image please visit ocrNow support.

This version of ocrNow! allows unlimited OCRing from your iPhone.

Results are improved with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

ScanNow! for the iPhone and Android

Works just like any flatbed scanner!
Transfer photographs, documents or notes directly into Windows applications over your wireless network.

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Using scanNow! take a photograph of any document you would like to scan, or select an image/document which already exists in your iPhone library. Then in your Windows application, use the scanner and camera wizard to import the image, just as you would with a flatbed scanner. No fuss; no emails; no wires.

You can scan anything from handwritten notes, invoices, shopping lists, menus, photographs, the list is endless. All of which can be saved into any format supported by your PC or MAC.

To support your purchase of scanNow! you will need to install the appropriate utility/driver.

For Windows platforms: Windows XP or later is required.

For Mac OS X 10.5:
We provide a utility to transfer images from your iPhone and open them in Preview, or you can drag the image to any application that accepts JPEG files.


  1. Run scanNow! on your iPhone and photograph your document, or select an image from your photo library.
  2. On Windows, use the option in your application to acquire an image from a scanner or camera. Click scan to transfer the image from the iPhone to the application.
  3. On a Mac, run the OS X scanNow! client. Your iPhone should appear in the list of devices. Make sure it is selected and click scanNow!

The WIA driver and OS X client should automatically detect scanNow! running on your iPhone. On some networks you might need to change your Firewall settings or manually set the address of your iPhone.

Android Review for scanNow!

3Chefs iPhone App

As part of our TouchAway software, we can provide a dedicated iPhone App.

The 3Chefs application is a typical dedicated iPhone application for ordering your food from Derbyshire’s leading takeaway chain, 3Chefs based in Chaddesden, Derby, United Kingdom.

Order your kebab, pizza or curry for delivery or collection from the comfort of your iPhone!

Featuring menus for 3Chefs Balti House, 3Chefs Original and 3Chefs Fish Bar.