Unimessage P3fax

Following on from the successful Unimessage Pro solution, Unimessage P3fax was first released in 2006 and has become the most popular component of the Unimessage P3 suite.

Unimessage P3fax V2

P3fax has now been updated and improved to produce P3fax V2.  As of August 2011 P3faxV2 supports English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

For P3faxV2  we have concentrated on getting the new web technologies into the P3fax web interface, making the overall experience of using P3fax simpler and easier to use and making P3fax more robust and versatile for mobile users. There are many benefits and features for both users and administrators of P3fax, read on for a few or download the Unimessage P3fax V2 installer immediately - note that this does not support TOSHIBA MFPs. The Unimessage P3fax V2 installer will install a copy of the P3 V2 Guide, but you can download a copy separately.

To see a list of fax devices supported by Unimessage P3fax, click here.

Users of Unimessage Pro and Unimessage P3fax V1, please read on to learn more about Unimessage P3fax V2 and how you can upgrade/update.

Unimessage P3fax V1 remains available and supports a total of 18 languages (including Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Swedish). More information on Unimessage P3fax V1 is available via the 'Quick Link' in the right hand column.

P3fax V2 became available on 8th November 2010 and was updated in March and August of 2011 to add support for additional languages. P3fax V2 was updated again in January 2014 to add Win8 and Server2012 support also adding Colour printer support:

P3fax V2 New Features

Run as a Service

P3faxV2 will run completely as a service, no longer requiring the server machine to be logged on as a windows user to run. This feature has been requested by many of our customers.

This new way of running is easily controlled when logged into the server by using the new utility, P3hub.

P3fax: P3group

P3faxV2: P3hub

The confusing components list has been removed and replaced by simple start and stop commands which users will understand.

Information about device drivers and system components running on the current PC is available via the Status entry in the P3 icon’s menu:

Active Directory Support

When run on a system that is part of a domain which uses Active Directory, P3faxV2 can contact to the Active Directory server and use the system’s user list to authenticate users.

When P3faxV2 is first installed and Active Directory support is enabled, there is no need to create or import users. Instead, users can log on straight away with their Windows login details saving the administrator’s time.

P3faxV2 also intelligently sets Windows Admin users as P3fax admin users so trusted members of the domain will automatically have access to the administration tools they need within P3fax.

Third Party LDAP Support

Requested by many of our existing customers P3faxV2 can now connect to third party LDAP servers. Previously P3fax came with its own LDAP server and would not talk to others, now users have a choice.

By selecting to connect to their own LDAP server P3faxV2 users will see the contacts from their own server listed within the “shared contacts” in P3faxV2. These contacts will be available for use by users via their web browser, P3console and P3printer.

Of course, they can still use the LDAP phonebook supplied by us, like in P3fax, if they so desire.

Improved Printing (within P3fax)

Using our improved message selection, users are able select multiple messages to be printed in one job. It does not matter is the messages are faxes, emails or a mix all the selected messages will be printed.

P3faxV2’s printing routing rule is also easier to select, it now has its own section in the actions column. Users no longer have to select to run a program and then selecting printing, they can just select print from the list. A choice of printers is also supplied, allowing them to print their messages on a printer other then the default.

iPhone App

P3fax Mobile is an iPhone App which allows photos/images taken using the iPhone’s camera or otherwise available on the iPhone to be sent as fax messages via P3faxV2.  This option is now available via iTunes,


In addition to optional use of external LDAP contacts have some extra features allowing easier access to a user’s phonebook.

Personal Contacts

In P3faxV2 each user will also have their own personal phonebook, contacts that are for their use only. These contacts are as flexible and usable as the shared contacts and, as such, are selectable via the web browser, P3console and P3printer. They allow the user greater privacy with their contacts, something they could not do in the previous version of P3fax.

Distribution Lists

Users can now create distribution lists to aid sending repeated faxes to groups of contacts easier and faster. They are able to select from Personal, Shared (LDAP) contacts as well as the P3faxV2 users to create a comprehensive distribution list. They have the option to share the distribution list with other users or keep it private.

Distribution lists, like other contacts, will be available for use in all of the P3faxV2 components, including P3console and Embedded commands.

Auto-complete Contacts

The new message windows of P3faxV2 will automatically suggest contacts from both phonebooks and distribution lists.

Improved Look, easier to use

We received feedback that P3fax homepage was confusing - there were too many links and options meaning people did not know where to start. We have embraced this feedback and, with a re-design of the web interface, we have a cleaner, simpler look while maintaining our comprehensive feature set. P3fax’s new design behaves much more like a traditional Windows mail program, making it easier for users to begin using it.


Incoming messages now automatically appear in message lists and folder unread message counts are incremented as messages come in and automatically decremented as messages are read. There is no need for users to refresh the page in their browser either automatically or manually.

Preview Pane (easy message navigation)

Once a message has been selected, a preview of the message will be shown within P3faxV2’s preview pane. This allows users fast access to the fax and email messages. HTML emails are handled with ease and improved security as, by default, P3faxV2 does not load external images but gives the option for uses to do should they receive a legitimate message using this feature.

Users can use keyboard shortcuts to make interacting with P3faxV2 faster. Shortcuts are available to move to the next/previous message, move through the pages of a displayed fax, reply-to or forward a received message, apply a label to a message, check for new email messages or start a new message.

New Windowing System

When users click on the new message button, a new window will appear in their browser. Similar to other mail clients the new window will allow users to look through their folders, and review other messages, without affecting the message they are working on.

As well as viewing items with the preview pane, users are able to double click on messages and view them in a new window – allowing easy comparison between two messages. Each opened window comes with its own toolbar, users can forward and reply to messages (amongst other functions) without having to return to the main program window.

Nested Folders

Users are able to create personal and shared nested folders, you can also route and copy messages to and from the nested folders.

Drag and Drop

The P3faxV2 web interface will now allow you to drag and drop messages between folders.


Right Click

Users are now able to right click on folders and messages to access frequently used actions and some new actions.

On Folders

On Messages

New actions include marking folders as read/unread, moving/copying selected messages to the folder and emptying the folder. These additional actions will improve the handling of large numbers of messages.

Message Flagging

Users will be able to see easily when a message has been forwarded, replied to or routed with message flags. This is especially useful when looking in shared folders and identifying messages which have already been processed.

Message Labels

Labels can be applied to messages so users can see at glance which messages are important or personal. Labels are shown as highlighted messages in the list or in the header when the message is being viewed. Labels can also be applied to messages as part of routing rules so messages from certain people can automatically be labelled as, for example, important or personal.

Improved Message Selection

Users can select and deselect messages just like you can in any other email client or program with lists in it. CTRL + click will enable users to select individual messages to form a group of messages which are not next to each other. Shift + click will allow users to select a block and messages from within the list.

Messages are easier to find

Users have the ability to sort columns within their folders and filter their messages so they can find their messages faster and more easily.

Within each folder a user can click on the column heading to sort their messages in the order they choose; who the message is from, the subject or when it was received.


At the top of each folder there is also a filter box, type the keyword you are looking for and hit enter to get your messages filtered by this keyword.

This filter also works on P3faxV2’s contact lists, so users can type in a name, or name of an organisation, to quickly view all contacts that match the filter text.


P3faxV2 includes drafts and all the features you would expect from a mail client. The message you are working will automatically be saved as a draft after a period of time.


Popup information is displayed to show the user this has happened, and the user can then return and complete this message at a later date.

Popup messages appear when a user requires information on an action that has taken place, for example when a user is checking for email the popup will let them know their check request has been accepted.

Improved Routing Rules

Routing Rules are controlled from a single place, when a rule is created the user is able to select the messages they would like the rule to process. 

Items available in this selection are affected by the user’s privilege level within P3faxV2.

Printing and OCR’ing of messages are now easier to select, it is much easier for a user to create the rule they want and see at a glance which rules effect which messages. 


You can download a full set of P3fax V2 release notes from here.


For a limited period we are offering all P3fax V1 customers the opportunity to upgrade for FREE.  For details of how to upgrade your P3fax V1 installation to P3fax V2 please click here.

For Unimessage Pro customers there is an upgrade charge depending on your current configuration, for a quotation please Contact Us

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