Unimessage P3fax is the latest fax and messaging server from Wordcraft International supporting Windows 2000, XP, XPx64, Vista, Vista 64, 7, 7 x64,  8, 8x64, Server 2000, Server 2003/2003R2, Server 2003/2003R2x64, Server 2008, Server 2008/2008R2x64, and Server2012.

This powerful product brings you straightforward and cost effective management over the transmission and reception of fax and other documents within an office environment.

Although the primary use for P3fax is sending and receiving faxes, it will also send and receive emails.

Unimessage P3fax V2 is available in English only, for more information about improvements introduced by Unimessage P3fax V2 and to download an evaluation copy click here.

Unimessage P3fax V1 is available in 18 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Swedish). Read on for more information.

The base configuration for P3fax is a 1 user license. From support for I-netportal compatible LAN connected MFPs is included in all configurations. P3gateway can be used with P3fax when P3fax is licensed for 20 or more users or (when using P3fax V2) when the optional P3gateway to P3fax licence key is purchased in addition to a P3fax licence key.

For more information download the brochure, or contact our sales department.

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To download the latest installer for Unimessage P3fax V1, click here.


No client software to install

One of the drawbacks with many applications is the need to install a client on every user's desktop. This can cost your company in both time and money to rollout the solution and there is then the ongoing support cost of maintaining the installation. P3fax uses any client software. The user interface can be accessed through the web browser already installed on the user's computer. User's can also send and receive faxes through their email application, therefore your staff need no additional training.


P3fax is a true multi-user system. Each user has an account and can send and receive faxes and emails. User accounts have their own inbox, outbox and sent items folders. The integration with the user's existing email application also means that faxes can be automatically retrieved to their email account. The number of users can easily be added as your requirements grow.


P3fax supports many different fax devices. The basic type are Class 1 and Class 2 faxmodems. These are typically single channel (i.e. one phone line) and can be connected to the fax server via a USB, serial or parallel cable. P3fax supports the connection of multiple faxmodems to the server, either directly or attached to other computers on the network. Many MFPs or network connected office printer/copiers also have fax functionality. P3fax supports many of these devices. ISDN (CAPI 2.0) support is also available. With this type of device P3fax takes advantage of the multiple lines and higher speeds of the ISDN system. Any combination of these types of fax device can be added to P3fax, giving a total number of channels that can be used to send and receive faxes.

Fax by Printing

A component of P3fax is are 2 Windows printers, Colour, or Black and White allowing you to send a fax from any Windows application that supports printing. The P3fax printers are network printers that can be accessed by any user, from the P3fax server. A document printed using a P3fax network printer can be automatically sent as a fax.

LDAP Address Book support

P3fax allows you to enter fax and email addresses into a central Address Book. This Address Book is compatible with LDAP so you can access it from your email application too. Users who only use their email application to send and receive faxes via P3fax can also use their Personal Address Book to store fax and email addresses.

Embedded Commands

There is a simple way to add additional commands and functionality to a document that needs to be faxed. Embedded commands are stored within the document and are processed by the P3fax printer at the time the fax is created. These commands are great with mail merge type documents where whole fax shots need to be managed. P3fax also allows you to store the embedded commands in an external file so that you can make use of them even if the document you need to send cannot store them directly. For example, you can store embedded commands in a Microsoft Word document, but not in a Adobe PDF file. With this new feature you can now apply embedded commands to the PDF by using the external file option.