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New generation communication and messaging solution

The base configuration for P3fax is a 1 user license (including, from, support for I-netportal compatible LAN MFPs). The P3fax gateway option is included in 20 user (and above) licenses but can be added separately for P3fax V2 configurations supporting fewer than 20 users.

The number of channels supported by the P3fax licence limits the number of concurrent fax transmissions and receptions permitted (presuming you have and have configured sufficient devices). I-netportal LAN MFPs are treated as an always active connection so permanently consume a channel.

P3fax licence keys are compatible with both P3faxV1 and P3faxV2.

P3gateway to P3faxV2 Option

Adds the ability to create P3gateway rules that pass files to P3faxV2 without having to have a 20-user or more P3fax licence. An active P3faxV2 licence IS still required. This licence key does not work with P3faxV1.

To upgrade from Unimessage Pro to Unimessage P3fax

Unimessage Solo

Image management utility

Unimessage Solo is a single user print and scan solution for the home or small office environment. Solo can be set up to manage all your document and mail needs.

P3fax upgrade for Toshiba MFPs

Add users and channels to your current set up

P3ocr upgrade for Toshiba MFPs

To increase your current capacity

Unimessage P3V1 training PC-DVD

A selection of training videos for Unimessage P3 Version 1, not appropriate for P3 Version 2.

This is a PC-DVD, which we will post to you.